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We are Canadian GeoExchange Coalition certified and accredited to design and install geothermal heating and cooling systems for buildings, new or existing.  Hellbent is capable of outfitting your structure with heating/cooling from either a ground source (horizontal/vertical loops), water source (lake, pond, ocean, and river loops) or air source heat pump.  See the Products side bar for a description of the new water-based geothermal systems we now offer from Limnion Geothermal Transfer Systems. Also, new from Nordic for 2015 is the unparalleled Air Source heat pump, built for -30C Canadian winters.   

Our services include:

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  • Project Management – Residential/Commercial Geothermal Systems
  • Residential/Commercial Geothermal System Design and Installation (Ground source/Water source)
  • Residential/Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Drilling and landscaping oversight
  • System Hydronics, downstream of heat pump.
  • System Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting


Recent innovations with our vertical borehole systems with new construction allows us to drill in the basement footprint before construction gets underway. This saves the client $ in trenching, piping and site disturbance. 

We are also  happy to take on any stage of a project (e.g. drilling and grouting of ground-loops, if your local HVAC contractor is supplying the heat pump or design-only for Contractors). There is no compromise when it comes to our workmanship and professionalism as we are committed to your complete satisfaction.  All of our work meets or exceeds CSA C448 standards, as well as provincial buildings codes.

The heat pump is heart of geothermal system.  Hellbent is a distributor for Nordic Heat Pump Systems; a Canadian made product and one of the highest quality and most reliable in the industry.

Hellbent has maintenance contracts available, and recommends an annual service/performance checkup each Fall; providing any filter changes necessary and full mechanical system check, extending the life of your system as long as possible. A modest price for peace of mind.

Our service van and technician are equipped to handle most situations and we are happy to assist with all brands of geothermal heat pumps.  Although based in the Columbia Valley, our trouble-shooting expertise and minimal travel charge have taken the Hellbent service van far and wide…from Vancouver Island, to Edmonton to Nelson.






The Nordic line of geothermal heat pumps was developed by Maritime Geothermal Ltd. and is our supplier of choice with innovative Canadian-made heat pumps, hand-built for our climate in terms of longevity and efficiency. To view our product lineup and technical information, please use the link to their website listed below.


The LIMNION LIMA-1 geothermal energy transfer system is only the first in a planned product line of advanced geothermal energy transfer systems. Systems that not only offer increased performance, but also offer the general public a piece of mind when it comes to leaving the surrounding environment undisturbed.  The LIMNION LIMA-1 combines high performance and compact size in a geothermal transfer system designed for installation in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans. The LIMA-1 is engineered to extract or reject energy from and to the earth using surrounding water as the transfer medium. Unlike conventional field built lake loops or mats, the LIMA-1 is engineered and manufactured using fluoropolymer tubing in a modern and strictly controlled facility. The LIMA-1 features a number of break-through innovations (Patents Pending) in geothermal energy transfer and an industry leading heat exchanger design.