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Please note: This quote is based only on information at hand and is subject to change if the site visit necessitates a modified design.

 Submerged (lake or pond)
 Horizontal (need 100x100 yard space)
 Vertical (drill boreholes)
 Open Well (need 10+ gals/min or 45+l/min)


 Forced Air
 Radiant Floor

 Slab or Grade
 Suspended Floor


 Not Many

 Single Pane


 Oh Yes
 It's tight

What Comes Next?

Site Visit

Our next step, after you have made the decision to forge ahead with the quote, is the site visit and evaluation process. Here, we will note dimensions, terrain geology, underground services, etc., in order to determine available options for system types.


Next, we will secure a set of building blueprints; or, if unavailable for an existing structure, we will employ tape measure calculations for the building’s heat gain and heat loss performance. This, in turn, will allow us to size the heat pump, keeping the owner’s options in mind (DX or conventional HDPE, hydronic, forced-air, or both), to meet load demands and to design the ground-loops to match the local geology, available space, the selected heat pump’s output and running time. Drilling depths and/or trench lengths can now be determined to complete the design, along with any other options or accessories (e.g. electric backup heat, thermostats etc.).


Along with the finalized pricing, we will show comparison costs with traditional fossil fuel systems, the actual yearly operating cost of your geothermal system and the calculated payback period. The quotation sheet will also include the 5 year warranty program along with terms and conditions for payment.


By signing and returning this schedule with the modest deposit, we will be entering into a relationship of mutual respect and commitment. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your project within your desired time frame.