Air Source Heat Pumps


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Air Source Heat Pumps

Is it time to replace the old wood burning stove? Are you looking for a ‘greener’ alternative to your propane burning furnace? Would you like to be free from fluctuating gas prices?

We’d love to help you modernize your home with a geothermal heating and cooling system (GSHP). It is highly efficient and cost effective as it uses the Earth’s natural warmth as its primary energy source.

If, however, you do not have enough room in your yard for the ground-loops that geothermal requires, or if the initial installation cost is out of your budget range, let us tell you about Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)!

Air source heat pumps are the next best thing to GSHP. Rather than going into the ground to effect a change of temperature, ASHP uses a similar process by pulling heat directly from the outdoor air.

((Air source heat pumps harvest heat from the outdoor air in the winter, and reject heat to the outdoors for cooling in summer. There is no underground energy supply source as with geothermal heat pumps, instead part of the unit sits outside of the home. Air source heat pumps can provide forced air heating and cooling, radiant in-floor heat, and domestic hot water.))

ASHP are also more affordable to install than a complete geothermal system. The efficiency of geothermal is unmatched, but the ASHP is a close enough alternative for us to recommend it wholeheartedly.

For comparison purposes, the coefficient of performance ratings(COP) for Nordic GSHP’s average 3.7

Nordic ASHP’s average 2.5

Electric baseboards are 1.0

High efficiency gas furnaces are 0.93

Can it handle our Canadian winters?

In the past, Air Source Heat Pumps were not efficient enough to be an attractive choice for northern climates. If temperatures dipped below zero for too long, the pump would ice up, forcing a defrosting cycle. Fortunately, technology has improved with minimal defrosting action on the latest models. We carry the “Nordic” brand of air source heat pumps from Maritime Geothermal, a Canadian company renown for geothermal technology that has done its homework to adapt this technique to our rigorous climate. At -30C the new Nordic ASHP still has a COP of 1.3. Most of the equipment is located inside the home, out of the elements. Our installation includes a backup electric heater component which kicks in automatically when temperatures are extreme.