Air Source Heat Pumps

    Air Source Heat Pumps Is it time to replace the old wood burning stove? Are you looking for a ‘greener’ alternative to your propane burning furnace? Would you like to be free from fluctuating gas prices? We’d love to help you modernize your home with a geothermal heating and cooling system (GSHP). It… Continue reading Air Source Heat Pumps

Welcome to Hellbent Geothermal

We are your renewable heating and cooling experts, specialising in both Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump system design, installation and service. Hellbent is based in Golden, BC, but as specialists in a niche market, we travel broadly, servicing the Bow and Columbia Valleys. As a “one-stop shop” we are Canadian GeoExchange Coalition certified and… Continue reading Welcome to Hellbent Geothermal